30hack driven by Innovecs

800 UAH

Change activities from routine work tasks to the implementation of your own ideas and projects. 30 hours of coding!

We want to take you back to basics. We don’t want to bound you to the topic, platform, language – do what you like! Develop something which excites you!

You have 30 hours to create an app and present it with your team. All tools and technologies are up to you, just make it juicy!

You have 30 hours. During this time, you need to write a working program or a hack for the final of the event. After that, you must present the finished project to everyone present on your own or with the team. Language and technology you choose yourself. Web, desktop or mobile. The most important thing is to make it interesting!

The team can be assembled on the spot from the audience or you can come with your own.

Each participant must register separately. The team can be from 3 to 6 people. If you haven’t assembled a team of 3 people – join another team. One Participant has the right to submit to the audience only one idea – the first pitch – 90 seconds:

1. Name of the project
2. The essence of the project
3. Estimated technical solution
3. A team that already exists
4. A member whom the team still needs

30hack will take place in three stages:
1 – acquaintance and pitches, formation of teams, registration of teams
2 – work on projects with the support of mentors, coding and fan
3 – DEMO – presentations of surviving projects and selection of the winner.

The jury will determine the most talented and active 🙂

What will the jury pay attention to when choosing the winners:
– setting a clear and interesting task
– completeness of the prototype or project
– elegance of the technical approach
– intelligible presentation
– creativity
– potential use and development of a product or technology;

For each criterion from 1 to 10 points and further the winner is determined by voting.

What to pay attention for the participants:
– work on the first pitch ideas, try to attract the best people to the team.
– during the pitch, voice out who exactly you need in the team: designer, developer, etc.
– identify the person who will represent your project in the final. Feed is important.

What to take with you to feel comfortable:
– laptop and charging,
– karemat and sleeping bag,
– towel and toothbrush

● There is no preliminary qualifying round, but you can already assemble a team and think about the idea of ​​the project.
● We are against financial motivation and we are working for an idea for the sake of entertainment, so don’t expect to come and win the jackpot – this is about loving what you do, not about prizes.
● Organizers have the right to prevent projects that contradict generally accepted moral norms and cultural values, which include content of a sexual, pornographic nature, the height of interracial or ethnic hatred, contradict the current legislation of Ukraine.
● Innohub is a territory of trust and freedom. If you sawed half of the project at home, and then brought it to the hackathon, then what is the meaning of the hackathon for you? Disqualification.
● It is forbidden to carry and drink alcohol in the territory of InnoHub. Disqualification.
● The intellectual property right of the developed products belongs to the participants
● Our team will take care of your condition, mood, satiety and comfort for 35 hours – let’s be friends 🙂

10:30 Welcome coffee
11:00 Greeting from the organizers, meeting with the participants in INNOHUB
11:30-12:00 Start of the Hackathon. Idea pitching and team searching (90 seconds per pitch)
12:30 Team Registration
14:00 Lunch
14: 00-19: 00 Work on projects
19:30 Dinner

At night, we continue to work on projects, play board games, songs with a guitar (who will take a guitar will get a bun!) And other obligatory attributes of the hackathon.

9:00 Breakfast
10:00-17:00 Work on projects
14:00 Lunch
16:00 Preparation for the DEMO (preliminary pitch session)
17:30 deadline for registration of teams at the demo
18:00-19:30 Demo!
19:30-20:00 Voting and selection of winners

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